Wohnung Lauxtermann

News 04.12.23

on view until December 15th

Sonja Heim Can’t remember the truth, 2023, installation view Wohnung Lauxtermann, Düsseldorf.

Currently on view at WOHNUNG LAUXTERMANN: Roberto Barbosa, Willi Bucher, Chi-Han Feng, Felix Anatol Findeiß, Jacqueline Hen, Sonja Heim, Peter Heister, Steffen Jopp, Stefan Knauf, Eike König, Christian Leicher, Toni Meyer, Julie Mia, Philipp Naujoks, Miriam Schenkirz, Robert Schittko, Linda Skellington, Catharina Szonn, Ellen Wagner, Lara Werth


A total of 23 artists took part in this year’s „Wohnung Lauxtermann“ at Galerie 3AP exhibiting a wide range of works, including paintings, sculptures, mixed media installations, photography, video and documentary work. The exhibition and residency project WOHNUNG LAUXTERMANN, conceived and curated by Aileen Treusch, enables artists to use the upper floors of the premises at Fürstenwall 74 for their work to bring this historic address back into the active life of the city. The tour begins on the first floor at the staircase and leads through office space, storage and work rooms on the upper floors of Fürstenwall 74. In addition to the residency, which was awarded to Julie Mia in spring (February-April), the fluid exhibition is now open for visitors for the fifth and last time this year.


The decentralized memorial (Path of Liberation) today commemorates the local resistance against Nazi-Germany and the liberation of the city of Düsseldorf in April 1945 via six stations in form of information steles. In the former apartment of master baker Josef Lauxtermann – today Station 1 at Fürstenwall 74 – members of the resistance group met from the beginning of the Second World War to discuss politics and plan how the city could be handed over to the Allies. This is where the „Aktion Rheinland“ was organised. (Source: Federal Agency for Civic Education, NS memorials)


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