Felix Anatol Findeiß (*1986 in Berlin) studied architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts. Using painting, sculpture, photography, and video art, his works are often thaught from an affinity to built space in a wider understanding. His subjects are fragments of bodies and fiction thrown into architectural formations – distillates of an isolated and ephemeral reality. Findeiß studied architecture at the Berlin University of the Arts and graduated in 2016 with his diploma thesis waiting room and the experimental short film hólos. He was able to further deepen his focus on the intersection of architecture and art in 2017 with the Elsa Neumann Scholarship. As an architect, he has worked for offices in Berlin and Paris and has been active in teaching since 2018, among others at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and the UdK Berlin at the chair of Prof. Stéphanie Bru and Prof. Eveline Jürgens


Upheaval through outbreak –  The „gatherings“ series invite pattern recognition of the motifs, the colours, the shapes. One may ask oneself: what fits, what falls out?They develop an irresistible affordance of a memory game… a structuralist activity of taking apart and putting together – first the works, then their segments, then individual strokes, colour fields, blobs. (Konstantin Haensch)




Universität der Künste Berlin, Prof. Thomas Düllo, Prof. Alexandra Ranner, Prof. Florian Riegler


Three Bumps, When You’re Calmer, Berlin (GS)


On Entering, Keller Kreuzberg Berlin (GS)

Cats & Giants, Mañana Bold@Palais Supermarkt, Offenbach am Main (GS)

Gegen die Alten?!, Galerie 3AP Düsseldorf, (Duo)


Lazy Eye, Spoiler Aktionsraum Berlin (GS)


Kollisionsfamilie, Städtische Galerie Haus Eichenmüller Lemgo (GS)


Elsa Neumann Stipendium, Berlin (2017-2018)