Schlangengraben V1 – Open Studio Felix Anatol Findeiß

News 08.09.23

Schlangengraben V1 – OPEN STUDIO Felix Anatol Findeiß

Felix Findeiß’s works breaks through barriers in many ways. One of the most impressive aspects is the overcoming of genre boundaries: the newly created series „gatherings“ sketches and stages both „drawing-as-painting“ and „painting-as-drawing“. In some cases they almost transform into wall sculptures through a crumbly pastiness or waxy softness. Intuitive as well as planned material explorations are permeated by references to architecture, language, landscape or a synthetic wealth of experience and meet the canvas in a virtuoso mysterious impression. As a sculptor, architect, painter or simply modeller, he is overthrowing established orders. „Umparken im Kopf“, doing things unconventionally different: a revolt on the street and in the head leaves traces on the canvases – grasping the madness of everyday life and sometimes with a penchant for the exaggerated or a fascination with the senseless. The viewer is unable to make sense of them until the end, because Felix Findeiß’s works might do not make sense – like so many things in life. That is why they are outstanding witnesses of our time, as it can only be produced by art, in order to push Findeiß back into the niche of orders.



Friday, 08. September, from 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 09.+10. September, from 2 till 7 pm
Am Schlangengraben 9, 13597 Berlin