Jacqueline Hen

Jacqueline Hen (*1989) works at the intersection of design, art, and research, exploring possibilities for social transformation through communication and participation. In her light art objects and large-scale immersive installations, she explores the unconscious perception of one’s own movement, tension, posture, and position in space (proprioception) as well as experiences of contingency (Luhmann, Parsons) in the intertwining of physical and virtual living spaces. The work „Off Grid“ creates the illusion of an infinite space of brightness and darkness with the help of a mirror and grid-like arranged lights, whereby the perception of the body takes place in the face of a physical and, as it were, digital space. The explosion particles floating in the air are reminiscent of the first colored arcade games created by means of overlay foils. In her research and teaching Hen focuses on developing a contemporary „basic doctrine of design“ that relates to all areas of analog, digital, 2d and 3d design techniques and addresses universal principles such as symmetry, rhythm and interaction. She studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Art Center College of Design Los Angeles, and worked at Studio Tomás Saraceno from 2013-2016. In 2019, her work „Ligh High“ was awarded the International Light Art Award. Jacqueline Hen lives and works in Cologne and Wiesbaden.