Philipp Naujoks (*1988, Merzig) recently graduated from Kunstakademie, Düsseldorf with Franka Hörnschemeyer. His elaborating painting techniques intertwine in the complex process of production. Tools are not only used by Naujoks as instruments, they sometimes also become the object of the artistic debate. In 2022, Philipp Naujoks received the „Young Artist“ prize, which is awarded by the Foundation for Art and Culture (Bonn) and Wienand Verlag (Cologne) to promote young and particularly talented artists.


The folding ruler, a mere measuring instrument, becomes a toy in the artist’s hand, and with lasers, drawings are happily scribbled onto the canvas. Thus, these threshold images seem strangely harmonious. While the world “out there” reveals itself more and more as an unworld that we, unruly, cease to recognize, Phillipp Naujoks calibrate a different space, practicing, at its threshold, their own peculiar rites of passage. (Alex Leo Freier)




Wohnung Lauxterman, Galerie 3AP, Düsseldorf (GS)


Young Artist, Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg (GS)

Liminal Space, Galerie 3AP Düsseldorf (Duo)

Der Einfluss des Raumes auf die Reichweite des Verkehrs, Rinde-am-Rhein, Düsseldorf (GS)

Down the Rabbit Hole, KIT Museum Für Junge Kunst, Düsseldorf (GS)

International Drawing Biennale, National Gallery of Kosovo, Pristina (GS)

Art at Dusk, Funkhaus Berlin (S)

Bergischer Kunstpreis der National Bank AG, Kunst Museum Solingen (GS)


All corners made to be leaned, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln (GS)

Edition +1, Stroma, Köln (GS)


Is this water?, Spoiler, Berlin (GS)


MP Gold heute, Aedt, Düsseldorf (Duo)

St. Moritz Art Academy / Pop-up Ausstellung “High Season”, Reine Victoria, St. Moritz (GS)


Akademie der Künste der Welt, Akademie X Ebertplatz, Köln (S)

Cologne Fine Art Contemporary, Gold und Beton, Köln (GS)