News 01.12.22

One of the best endowed prizes for young artists will be awarded for the second time to five outstanding artists at Museum Küppersmühle. We are delighted that Philipp Naujoks is one of the prize winners and congratulate him as well as the other artists. The prize is awarded in the form of a catalogue publication on her work. After the first YOUNG ARTISTS Award last year, Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur e.V. and Wienand Verlag Köln are once again making the award a sign of the relevance of young positions in art this year.

The catalogue will be presented to the artists on December 01 st, 2022 at the Museum Küppersmühle by MKM director Walter Smerling and publisher Michael Wienand.


PRIZE CEREMONY at Museum Küppersmühle
December 01st, 7pm | MKM, Philosophenweg 55, 47051 Duisburg

Philipp Naujoks, 74,5 × 145 (2022), exhibition view "Young Artists" Museum Küppersmühle. Foto: Philipp Naujoks.


Philipp Naujoks