In her artistic work, Catharina Szonn (*1987) deals with technological and social realities of our present, in which she draws on cultural phenomena that have already passed and depicts machines as left-behind colloborateurs of an incessant idea of economic expansion. The boundaries to philosophical themes, textual and linguistic forms are fluid in her mode of expression. Thus the artist draws on the ride that has become known as the „Kiddy Ride“ as an archetype of the imagination and service machine: she transforms the helicopter, which looks as if it has fallen out of time, which as a kind of artifact may also awaken childhood memories and symbolically carries the dream of ascending (into the air), into an artistic financing model. Included in this is the addictive nature of a society that loves the „spectacle“ (La société du Spectacle, Debord). Catharina Szonn studied at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach, at the Iceland Academy of Arts Reykjavik and at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She lives and works in Berlin.