Toni Meyer (Viva Antonia Meyer *1988 in Frankfurt am Main) lives and works in Munich and Berlin. Her multimedia work includes photography, text, performance and video. She uses digital technology as a tool to transform what she perceives and counters the challenges of today‘s society, in particular environmental issues and consumer culture in the digital age, sometimes with humorous exaggerations, sometimes with dystopian ideas for the future.


“Anyone who knows the feeling of longing for the big city will quickly become addicted to Toni Meyer’s City Collages. Why is obvious: Life is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last. The transience of the moment oozes from the pores and pixels of the images. Just like every travel experience that is too good to be true and all too soon will be a thing of the past forever. So we dream ourselves on, hoping for renewed fulfillment: next to the city … let’s leave that to Toni Meyer.” (Elena Dellasega)

"Adidas" from the Collage City Series Frankfurt,2017, inkjet prit, 90 x 130 cm, exhibition view "Collage City Portraits" 2022, Galerie 3AP Düsseldorf. Courtesy: privat collection Frankfurt/ Main.



issue 7, São Paulo, 2018



Photo collages that display a virtual reality of São Paulo. From an outsider’s perspective. Viva Meyer likes big cities. And coincidences: places, people and stories belong together without knowing it. Only until they find themselves in simple collages. On Treze de Maio Viva found the stories of São Paulo during carnival season. The pictures show the street between fiction and reality. They have never actually been taken like this, but give a glance of the city in its multiplicity. Viva works as a photographer and video artist. She is currently based in Berlin, but tries to collage as many cities as she can.




Photography and Electronic Arts, Goldsmiths College, London (2012 – 2013)

Photography, ICP International Center of Photography, New York (2011)

Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation (GWK), Universität der Künste, Berlin(2008-2011)


Grow (Screening), Soho East Gallery, Berlin

Wohnung Lauxtermann, Galerie 3AP, Düsseldorf (GS)


Collage City Portraits, Galerie 3AP, Düsseldorf, (S)

Grow (we flowers were here always), Plainhead, NEU Workshop, München (Screening,Concert)

Overgrown – opera of the nervous system, Galerie 3AP, Düsseldorf (GS)


Doves & Divers, Mañana Bold, Frankfurt a.M. (Duo)

Lazy Eye, Spoiler Zone, Berlin (GS)

Lichtaktion/ Kunstareal, München (Performance)

prêt-à-parler by Aileen Treusch (Online-Exhibition)


I Cleaned Out My Wardrobe, (Online-Exhibition)

Making Crises Visible, Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt (GS)

Unsought Normalities,  Desired Landscapes, Athen (GS)


Baby, you’re a rich man, too, München, (GS)


Großstadt, Potsdamer 158, Berlin, (GS)


Junge Kunst und Neue Wege, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst, Stipendienprogramm des Freistaats Bayern, München (2022)

Kulturreferat der Stadt München, Projektförderung, München (2021)

Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt, Projektförderung, Frankfurt a.M.

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach, Projektförderung, Offenbach a.M

Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Projektförderung, Frankfurt a.M