Sellerie Weekend Berlin, 28.–30.04.23

News 19.04.23



We are pleased to announce the participation of Felix Anatol Findeiss and Julie Mia in the group show THREE BUMPS at WHEN YOU’RE CALMER.


The exhibition is curated by Anna Firmberger and is part of Sellerie Weekend Berlin which takes place for the first time this year „feeding Berlin with a necessary nutrient booster“ of art. It gathers the program of project spaces in Berlin on the weekend of 28.4. – 30.4.23. This initiative aims to create visibility for the work of independent art spaces in the city which provide important impulses in their curatorial and artistic practice throughout the year through joint action.

Scroll down to read our interview with curator Anna Firmberger and the initiators of Sellerie Weekend.





Ratiborstraße 5, 10999 Berlin

open 3-9pm

sunday until 7pm


With works by Felix Anatol Findeiß, Anna Firmberger, Katharina Kamph, Julie Mia, Stefanie Rübensaal

Interview with curator Wendy Calmer


Q: For the first time Sellerie Weekend is taking place this year „feeding Berlin with a necessary nutrient booster“ of art. Is Berlin running out of energy in art?

A: It’s definitely getting harder for artists in Berlin, the lack of space and the rising prices are just two reasons. Luckily, artists thrive on visibility and Sellerie Weekend gives us a boost for the next months.


Q: What’s the deal with the name of your participating project space WHEN YOU’RE CALMER? Is that the place where art, artists & people find a rest?

A: As women, we hear this very often: let’s talk when you’re calmer. This is usually meant to shut someone up without acknowledging the other person’s current emotional state. We are not afraid of emotional outbursts, we encourage them. However, our space also provides a sofa where you can sit and process your emotions. When you are calmer, the work begins.


Q: Does calmness give you a better perspective?

A: It does. We encourage our viewers to look calmly. Don’t scroll so quickly, don’t pass by the artwork without taking a second glance. Works of art, unlike water, start to boil when you stare at them.


Q: The art world is not exactly known for calm and balance, in many ways. Do we all lack calm? What does calm mean to you?

A: The art world favours expressive and loud characters. Calmer voices tend to get overlooked. Our format prefers those who are a bit more reserved and do not seek to express themselves via grandiosity only. Not all artist egos fit into our space.

Q: As Andy Warhol said: one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party. What do you associate with the title of the show  THREE BUMPS you curated?


A: Have three bumps and you have some tension. Maybe you have a basic human figure, somehow female but not necessarily. It could be a stand-off or a space without sense of direction. Three Bumps is a minimum an artist can work with. Three Bumps is also a minimum the viewer needs to finish the work.


Q: What awaits the visitor?

Our space is not called What You See Is What You Get for a reason. We show five artists that work in different media but whose pieces all aim for the heart and the gut first. Visitors may also sit down on said sofa before they rush on to see the next exhibition.


Q: Name three favourite or most inspirational places in Berlin (with or without art)?

A: Find one of Berlin’s many lakes, the sight of water is good for your mental health. When tranquillity turns to boredom, the mind really starts to work! And who knows, if you stare long enough, maybe the water will start boiling at some point.


Thank you Wendy!






Interview with the initiators of Sellerie Weekend


Q: For the first time Sellerie Weekend is taking place this year „feeding Berlin with a necessary nutrient booster“ of art. Is Berlin running out of energy (in art)?

A: All we know is that the Selleries (more than 60 spaces) will bring new energy.


Q: What made you decide to have a festival besides the festival? 

A: The grass is always greener on the other side.


Q: Why Sellerie (celery)?

A: Why Gallery?


Q: Sellerie Weekend offers artists the opportunity to act beyond commercial exploitation strategies. Can you explain what particularly attracts you to these forms of presenting art? What personally drives your commitment?

A: Berlin’s independent art scene is based on self-exploitation. Sellerie Weekend is only a tiny step to address this issue. We’re committed to create a healthier situation for everyone.



Q: Celery has „negative“ calories. It costs more to digest it than it takes in. Do you see yourselves as a balancing counterweight to art commerce?

A: We’re not interested in balance, it is all about unbalancing.


Q: Almost every professional artist has the opportunity to participate in the festival programme. Are you interested in drawing a broader picture of contemporary art in Berlin? 

A: The picture is already there, we just have to make sure that it’s seen.


Q: Does Sellerie Weekend provide a better overview of blind spots in the art world (in terms of themes and people)?

A: Sellerie Weekend tries to connect, support, and have a moment of joint action.


Q: What awaits the visitor? 

A: A healthy weekend.


Q: Name three favourite or most inspirational places in Berlin (with or without art)?

A: There’s actually over 60 inspiration places 👉 check the website