NOW OPEN: „Exvoto“ – Julie Mia

News 22.03.24

The exhibited painting ‚im moment, da die gewißheiten innehalten‘ was created over a period of seven years and is accompanied by a poem selected by Heiner Bastian wich was first published in October 2022 in his poetry collection ‘Der Gedanke der die Welt wiedergewinnt‚. Having a close dialogue with the german lyricist for years, the artist‘s series of paintings was titled after the first line of the poem dedicated to the painting. Both – poetry and painting – deal with imagination, myths, secrets and a subconscious ‚I‘. Contrary to the linguistically concrete, the paintings ultimately elude a figurative interpretation. Almost all of the artist‘s works are based on a figurative preliminary drawing of digital images of objects such as fruit, letters, digital codes or screen shots, which ‘disappear‚ in the course of the process.



Julie Mia