Miriam Schenkirz & Philipp Naujoks on view at Wohnung Lauxtermann

News 01.05.24
Miriam Schenkirz & Philipp Naujoks (r.t.l.), installation view Wohnung Lauxtermann, Düsseldorf, 2024.



on view:



Miriam Schenkirz, from the series „Werkstöcke“ (2023), mixed media


Philipp Naujoks, only dogs (2024), 120 x 95 cm, EisenIII, Kalium-Hexa, 405nm, Öl, Pigment, 2024



Schenkirz’s artistic practice is characterized by an examination of transience. In her works, she repeatedly draws on the recent past. Among other things, Schenkirz deals with norms, constructions, functional elements and aids, examining the handling of ’nature‘, its appropriation and use. Her work repeatedly touches on areas of archaeology and contemporary archaeology.

Colour‘ and ‚line‘ are explored in Philipp Naujoks‘ work in a technically sophisticated and unusual way, as he shoots the canvas with a laser to create his images using photochemical processes. It shakes up the viewer’s usual viewing habits while depicting perhaps the most fundamental subject of painting: ‚colore‘ and ‚disegno’.


The exhibition and residency project WOHNUNG LAUXTERMANN, conceived and curated by Aileen Treusch enables artists to use the premises at Fürstenwall 74 to bring this historic address back into the active life of the city. The fluid exhibition concept focuses on the social role of art and artists and their possibility for self-efficacy and agency. It addresses very different questions of orientation, cohesion, democracy, participation and domesticity.